PHOTOS, VIDEO: Goofy and Max Go Fishing at Pacific Wharf for Distanced Meet and Greet at Disney California Adventure

The sun is shining, the fish and rubber chickens are jumping, and the breeze is cool over at Disney California Adventure today. Over on the balcony at Pacific Wharf, we found Goofy and his son Max having some good (and bad) luck fishing.


Goofy, with one fish already caught, dropped his line for another try.


Fishing is a little too exciting for our friend Goofy.


It may have been the one that got away, but don’t worry Goofy. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.


Max had better luck, waving his catch in the air for us to see.


Max waited eagerly after trying out “The Perfect Cast,” just like his dad taught him.


It’s a rubber chicken! Rough luck, Maxie. He doesn’t seem too upset, holding it up to show guests.

Check out a video of Goofy and Max in action below.

Stay tuned to DLNT for more news on meet and greet opportunities at Disney California Adventure.