PHOTOS, VIDEO: Walk Through The Haunted Mansion’s “Secret” Entrance at Disneyland

Among the changes to Disneyland’s The Haunted Mansion is a brand new “secret” entrance. This entrance is used to curb crowds in the attraction’s main queue with a bypass of the stretching room.


Guests will be directed to the secret entrance next to these tombs in the graveyard.


The entrance was obviously once a Cast Member service tunnel, but has been decorated with themed props.


Going through this entrance does mean going down a flight of stairs, and Cast Members may ask if you’re comfortable doing so before sending you to this entrance.


Though it skips the stretching room, the tunnel still includes the famous portraits of some of the mansion’s previous guests in their corruptible, mortal states.


There are distancing markers on the floor, in fact, they are themed ones. At the end of the tunnel, a Cast Member will direct you into The Haunted Mansion’s loading area.

Take a walk through the secret entrance with us in the video below.