Pricing Revealed for Pym Test Kitchen, Pym Tasting Lab and Shawarma Palace at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure

This week has brought us an incredible amount of updates about Avengers Campus, opening June 4th at Disney California Adventure. Now, we know just how much punch some of the new food offerings will pack on the old wallet.


Pym Test Kitchen


Sharing seems to be a recurring theme. The large Quantum Pretzel comes in at a reasonably-priced $12.99, especially if split among a group, while the Atomic Fusion Pretzel costs $10.49. The massive Not so Little Chicken Sandwich comes in at $15.49, while the Caesar Salad and Colossal Crouton costs $12.49, the Impossible Spoonful featuring rigatoni and ditalini pastas and plant-based meatballs sells for $13.99 and the PB3 Superb Sandwich comes in at $12.99. Most interesting is the Pym-ini Sandwich, which comes in at three different sizes, presumably for larger groups. A single serving sells for $14.49, while there are larger versions for $57.99 and $99.99.


Craving a side of candied bacon? You can get it here for $3.79!


For dessert, there’s the Choco-Smash CANDY Bar which sells for $7.99.


If you’re daring to try the infamous Pingo Doce soda (now with zero gamma radiation), you can get it in a souvenir oversized can for $22.99. Or you can think smaller with the glowing Pym Particle capsule or disc for $5.49.


Four beers will be available, ranging from $8.50 to $12.00.

Pym Tasting Lab


Beer lovers can enjoy a trio of beer cocktails, including the Molecular Meltdown with vanilla ice cream for $17.00, The Regulator with tequila and mango popping pearls for $16.00 and the Honey Fusion with gin and a honey straw for $15.00


Of course, if you prefer a simple craft, there’s also a variety of beers and wines from across California. Most beers are $11.00, with the exception of the Golden Road Mango Cart Wheat Ale which sells for $9.75.


The impressive-looking Pint-sized Pints Mini Beer Flight costs $35.00, with both the Pym Particle disc and capsule also available.

Shawarma Palace


Both wraps, including the New York’s Tastiest chicken shawarma and the Impossible Victory Falafel featuring plant-based falafel and cauliflower, sell for $12.99. But if you really want to save the day… and have a budget worthy of Tony Stark, you can suit up with Iron Man’s Infinity Gauntlet (complete with a bottled Coca-Cola beverage) for $27.79.