Snow White’s Enchanted Wish Attraction at Disneyland Now Being Criticized for Nonconsensual “True Love’s Kiss” Scene

When Disneyland reopened at the end of April, the new Snow White’s Enchanted Wish opened as well. The ride is a reimagining of the former Snow White’s Scary Adventures, and Disney has been heavily promoting the new version of the attraction. One of the major new scenes near the ride’s finale features Snow White and Prince Charming’s kiss, an integral part of the movie.


Disney is now under criticism from those who believe the scene should have been omitted from the ride as it portrays a situation in which Snow White cannot consent to be kissed. Acts of physical contact are often considered nonconsensual when one or more parties is asleep, inebriated, or otherwise not of sound mind.

Those who support the scene’s inclusion often cite that a Snow White attraction without true love’s kiss would then exclude a main plot point from the story, and the kiss is considered a life-saving action rather than a violation of Snow White’s autonomy.

Disney’s role in the portrayal of social and cultural issues has been a hot topic lately. This controversy follows in the wake of Disney’s push for inclusivity. Major changes have been afoot at the parks, including the new Disney Look guidelines and the ongoing refurbishments at the Jungle Cruise, plus the upcoming closure of Splash Mountain at the U.S. parks.

To see the scene for yourself, check out our full POV video of the new ride below:

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