BREAKING: E-Ticket Attraction Art for Avengers Campus Taken Down at Disney’s Hotel New York, Ride’s Future is Uncertain

Just days after opening, a large art display promoting the E-Ticket thrill ride announced for California’s Avengers Campus has been taken down at the brand new Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel at Disneyland Paris.


We shared this display with you a few days ago, as it was exciting to see some art more clearly than we had in the past, but also to see the attraction referenced again. Well, it seems it was all too good to be true as Disney ordered that the art be taken down, leaving the wall blank.


The display was in the Art of the Theme Parks exhibit that bridges the gap between the main lobby and the convention center. The displays showed some current, but also many upcoming Marvel attractions for the Disney Parks worldwide. Funny enough, none of the art was actually up on opening day of the hotel and we watched them install all of it during our stay. The most exciting was the display for the Avengers Campus E-Ticket ride, something promised to us after enough guests voiced concern that WEB SLINGERS – A Spider-Man Adventure would be the only new ride for the land.


So, is the Avengers Campus E-Ticket dead? Probably, but it has also died and come back to life more than a Marvel comic book character. The attraction was first announced for Hong Kong Disneyland many years ago, and the Autopia was even closed to make way for the attraction. The car tracks now sit there empty, waiting for something to happen in Tomorrowland. As for California Adventure, the ride was taken on and off the table several times before shockingly getting announced by Bob Chapek at the 2019 D23 Expo. The pandemic certainly threw a wrench in those plans, but it could be argued as to if the attraction would’ve been built anyway. It now seems to be cancelled once more, but perhaps in favor of a Wakanda themed-land down the road at some point. We’ll have to patiently wait and see what will happen while we try to enjoy the half-baked Avengers Campus that we got

So, what do you think will happen? Will this attraction ever be built?