Did You Find These Easter Eggs in Pixar’s New Film “Luca”?

Pixar’s newest film Luca debuted yesterday on Disney+ with no Premiere Access fee required. WDWNT offers a full review of the film, but we also wanted to showcase some hidden secrets.

Pixar is known for leaving easter eggs throughout its films for fans to hunt for while watching, so we collected up those that have been revealed so far. Luca‘s director, Enrico Casarosa, recently shared some of the secrets with Cinemablend and ScreenRant, while the film’s production designer Daniela Strijleva gave some away to Variety.

Pizza Planet Truck

Many Pixar movies place a fun easter egg for the iconic Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story, and Luca is no exception. This easter egg is hidden towards the third act of the movie.


Tributes to Italian Culture

With this new film being set on the beautiful Italian coast, it will of course feature many nods to the Italian way of life. Casarosa stated that linking Luca to Italy was extremely important to the film’s production, and he wanted to express his culture in a loving way. This includes other Italian films, actors, words and puns for viewers to enjoy throughout the film. One of the most noticeable is a film poster of Federico Fellini’s movie La Strada.

pixar luca concept art

More Disney and Pixar References to Look for

There are two nods to Pixar in the film. First, the Pixar Luxo Ball makes a brief appearance – catch it on a rooftop on the right side of the screen during the Portorosso Cup race. Second, the five-digit number on the front of the train locomotive at the close of the film is actually the zip code for Pixar Animation Studios in California: 94608

In a movie about sea monsters, a reference to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea seems especially fitting. You can find a movie poster for the classic film tucked into an alcove in the town square by the fountain.

Two classic Disney characters also pop into the movie. Guilia has a stuffed Donald Duck plush on the floor of her bedroom, leaning against the bed. One of the books in her room is The Adventures of Pinocchio.

One more easter egg that can be found in most Pixar films is A113. This alphanumeric code references the classroom where character animation was taught at California Institute of the Arts. Former Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter supposedly took classes there. “A113” appears on a train ticket in Luca.

An Extra Special Easter Egg…


Finally, there is a secret easter egg hiding in the film that is a teaser for Pixar’s next film coming up in the future titled Turning Red. Pixar tends to always leave a well-hidden hint at the next movie coming up on their release calendar. Casarosa did not reveal this detail’s location, so you will have to hunt extra to find this one. In fact, he indicated that it “might be part of a later reveal,” so it may be worth your while to keep your eyes peeled.

Are you planning to stream Luca this weekend? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep an eye out for these easter eggs!

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