REVIEW: New Fruity Crunch Glazed Beignets Satisfy the Sweet Tooth at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express in Downtown Disney

Today we tasted a new, festive beignet for you fruity cereal lovers out there. Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, which specializes in quick service Cajun and Creole food, carries original New Orleans beignets in various quantities. In addition, they now offer seasonal glazed beignets for those looking to branch out from the norm.

Fruity Crunch Glazed Beignets (4)- $12.99


These beignets come 4 to an order. They are slathered in blueberry lemon icing and sprinkled with a fruity cereal crunch on the top.


Unsurprisingly due to the ingredients, we found this beignet somewhat cloying. The smell of sugar wafts into your nose the instant you open the container.


The tartness of the blueberry icing overwhelms the palette a bit, but the fruity pebbles taste great and add a nice texture.


As always, the beignets came out warm and fresh.


The beignet’s consistency was spot on, with a doughy interior and a slight crisp on the outside.


Overall we think those looking for something both sweet and filling will enjoy these beignets.

Will you be getting your beignet fix with this colorful new treat? Let us know in the comments!

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