VIDEOS: Unboxing Spider-Man Web Shooters, Digital Expression Light-Up Goggles, and WEB Tech Devices from Avengers Campus

Avengers Campus sells many new devices to enrich your heroic adventures throughout the new land and beyond. In particular, Disney California Adventure now allows you to purchase new tech to augment your abilities on WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure. But what does this actually mean for a super hero in training? Here we bring you two unboxing videos to give you a better look at these enhancements.


First, you can start out with the Web Power Band, a wrist piece that interacts with the WEB SLINGERS attraction and the Spider-Bots on the ride.


The Web-Shooter tech attaches to your Power Band to unlock additional web-slinging abilities.


The Repulsor also attaches to your Power Band which helps you damage targets using repulsor blasts.

Give these new WEB Tech items a look in the Avengers Campus unboxing video below:

To watch us actually play with these on the WEB SLINGERS ride, watch the video here:

If you do not have the desire to purchase ride-specific items, there are some other ways to develop your own Spider-Man persona.


You can also join in on the web-slinging action with Spider-Man Web Shooters, complete with a handy display base.


And if you have ever felt the burning desire to embody Spider-Man yourself, these goggles allow you to make up to 17 digital expressions.

Check out our unboxing video of these two new gadgets before you score them for your collection:

Will you be purchasing these new tech items and enhancements to complete your WEB SLINGERS experience? Let us know in the comments section.

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