PHOTOS, VIDEO: Now-Completed NEW Jungle Cruise Attraction with Cultural Sensitivity Changes Opens at Disneyland

The “gnu” Jungle Cruise is officially open! The ride did not reopen with Disneyland on April 30 as it was undergoing extensive refurbishment to address cultural sensitivity issues. We gave you a sneak peek at most of the changes to the ride during its soft-opening period, but today we can show you the final touches. Let’s hop aboard and begin our World Famous Jungle Cruise!


More paint has been added to the drop cloth where Rosa Soto Dominguez is working on her latest landscape.


Botanical supplies and some caged Venus Flytraps have been added to the queue.


Rosa Soto Dominguez’s figure on the safari pole is also now carrying a portable easel with an in-progress canvas.


The biggest change since the soft opening is the addition of two monkeys pulling on a reindeer sweater at Trader Sam’s Gift Shop.


A crate of Christmas decor has also been added, possibly in reference to the former holiday overlay, “The Jingle Cruise.”


Watch our full ride video of the new Jungle Cruise below.

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