REVIEW: “Churro Gears” and Princess Madeleines from Maurice’s Treats Are The New Snack Gold Standard for Disneyland Park

Maurice’s Treats in Disneyland Park has reopened with some sweet new treats. We picked up a pair of “Churro Gears” and a trio of Disney Princess-inspired madeleines.


Maurice’s Treats is across from the Royal Theatre, near Sleeping Beauty Castle.


Churro Gears – 2 for $5.49


The churro gears play into Maurice’s nature of tinkering.


They’re essentially cinnamon sugar donuts, but I would dare say these are the best take on such a treat I have ever had. Bare with me here, but I believe that they are better than actual Disneyland churros.


The are very soft and airy, well-coated in cinnamon sugar. They’re quite light, which makes them the perfect snack to start your morning while running between your favorite attractions.


The sugary crunch combined with the beautifully baked pastry is a wonderful combination that we hope will become another staple of the powerful Disneyland Park snack lineup.

Madeleine Trio – $6.49


These madeleines are designed to resemble Snow White, Belle, and Aurora.


The Belle is a traditional Madeleine with a lemon cake flavor, the frosting is thick and sweet. This was the most forgettable of the trio, but luckily, the others aren’t standard fare.


The Aurora Madeleine is pin and blue and the good fairies argue over what color it should be. Upon taking a bite, we were pleasantly surprised it was a completely different treat from the first.


This one has a blue berry flavor, seemingly a combination of blueberry and raspberry. It was soft, moist, sweet, and rather enjoyable.


The Snow White Madeleine is chocolate chip.


It tastes like a chocolate chip muffin for the most part, which isn’t a bad thing. The chocolate chips were rich and the cake is soft and crumbly.

Hey, 2 of of 3 ain’t bad, so we’d still order this again.

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