Stretching Portrait Characters, Master Gracey, and More Ghosts Being Cast for “The Haunted Mansion” Film

Last month we learned that LaKeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish will be starring in Disney’s new “Haunted Mansion” film, which will be directed by Justin Simien. Stanfield and Haddish’s roles are unknown, but That Hashtag Show has provided a list of ghosts that are supposedly being cast for the film.

Practical Ghosts

The casting call describes these “practical ghosts” as appearing throughout the film in a non-scripted capacity, some of them appearing in portraits.

William Gracey and Gracey’s Wife: The Graceys are a wealthy Creole couple in their early 30s. They are free people of color from 19th century New Orleans. This differs from other iterations of Master Gracey, who has previously been depicted as white and as the attraction’s “Ghost Host”, though the Mansion’s original canon simply had the name “Master Gracey” on a gravestone with no further backstory for the character.

The Mariner: An older, weathered 19th-century sailor. Gruff on the outside, but with a winning smile and an underlying warmth to him.

The Butler: Another Victorian-era older gentleman, serving as the butler to a wealthy family. He’s described as a thin man with hollow eyes.

The Bride: A 30-something Victorian woman who’s gained a reputation for beheading her husbands a few times.

Dueling Ghost: A 19th-century male ghost who participates in a duel. The Dueling Ghost can be anywhere between his 30s and 60s.

Stretching Portraits

These characters will be “talking portraits” and will include a motion-capture performance.

Woman with Rose: An older woman who may have played a part in her recent widowing. The woman with a rose has also been considered to be an older version of the Bride, also sometimes named Constance Hatchaway, but they are being cast separately.

Man in Dynamite Suit: An older bearded man preparing to take a formal picture… but he doesn’t realize the flash of light will be a bit more intense than expected.

Quicksand Man: A man sinking in quicksand.

The Ballerina: A young and nimble dancer, anxious as she balances perilously above a creature below.

These are just the ghosts That Hashtag Show found in a casting call, so more will likely appear. Are you excited for a new “Haunted Mansion” film? Let us know in the comments.