Two Mickey Mouse Shorts Will Be Included in AquaMouse Attraction on Disney Wish, Including References to Disneyland’s Matterhorn and Skyway

When Disney Cruise Line’s new ship, Disney Wish, launches next year, it will have the AquaMouse, their “first attraction at sea.” Unlike the AquaDuck on other Disney cruise ships, the AquaMouse will incorporate an original story from the animated world of Mickey Mouse.

We now know the AquaMouse will actually include two different stories, for two unique experiences.


“Scuba Scramble” was previously announced. In this story, guests will go an undersea adventure to Mermaid Lagoon.


The second story will be “Swiss Meltdown”, inspired by the animated short “Yodelberg.” Guests will join Minnie and Mickey on a sledding trip where things go downhill when the snow melts.


Guests will begin the experience at the “Port Misadventures” kiosk. They will board a two-seater ride vehicle covered in patches to keep it together. They will then take a 75-second trip up a conveyor belt on a journey past nine porthole screens playing sections of the shorts. “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” composer Christopher Willis has created original music scores for the attraction.

Sixty different water nozzles and effects surround the portholes, synchronizing to the animated short. Guests will then go on a tumultuous trip through the ride’s suspended tunnels into a lazy river.

Source: Brooke McDonald