WATCH: Tonight We Discuss ‘Stuntman’ with Director Kurt Mattila and Executive Producer Julie Benson on Deep In The Plus Live at 9:00 PM (ET)

Join us tonight for a conversation with the Director and Executive Producer of the Disney+ documentary “Stuntman.”

Each Tuesday on Deep in the Plus, we pull a different movie or TV show from the Disney+ vault and tell you the history, the details, give our review, and tell you if it’s worth your time. Catch us on!


“Stuntman” is the story of movie and TV stunt actor Eddie Braun and his journey to recreate his hero Evel Knievel’s rocket jump over the Snake River Canyon in the ’70s.

This documentary follows Eddie from his first contact with the son of the original rocket builder to the day when his dream became a reality.

Tonight, join us as we discuss the movie with Director Kurt Mattila and one of the film’s Executive Producers, Julie Benson.

Among his accomplishments, Kurt has also directed a short for Disney’s Tron Legacy release called “Tron: The Next Day” and an upcoming movie on Tiki culture, “Bosko and the Rebirth of Tiki.”

Julie Benson has been involved with some amazing projects as well, including
“Star Trek: Prodigy,” “The 100” and “Wu Assassins.”

Come join us live at 9 p.m. ET and be a part of the conversation, or watch anytime on or click below.

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