REVIEW: Chocolate Strawberry Beignets Are A Sweet Treat for Halloween At Mint Julep Bar In New Orleans Square at Disneyland

With Haunted Mansion Holiday’s seasonal return to Haunted Mansion, we are in New Orleans Square looking for a sweet treat and new Chocolate Strawberry Beignets have arrived over at Mint Julep Bar just in time.

Chocolate Strawberry Beignets – $5.49 for 3 Beignets


The beignets are located in at Mint Julep Bar, a small corner in New Orleans Square.


The Chocolate Strawberry Beignets are $5.49 for three, or $6.49 for six.


Classic Mickey-shaped beignets can be found here as well as the seasonal ones.


Once you order, your beignets are delivered to you in a paper bag through a window slot, much like you would actually find in New Orleans.


A side of chocolate sauce is provided with the beignets for dipping.


The beignets were delicious! A very light dusting of pink strawberry flavor is added in with the generous helping of powdered sugar on the beignet to make it interesting.


The inside of the beignet is hollow and light, much like one should be.


The chocolate sauce was too reminiscent of a store bought chocolate syrup and room temperature, which was disappointing. It did add another layer of flavor and texture to the treat though.


Overall, we enjoyed the beignets and would probably get them again! Will you be trying the seasonal edition of this well loved treat?

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