REVIEW: “Deconstructed Lasagna” and Supernova Special Pizza Land for Halloween at Alien Pizza Planet in Disneyland

To celebrate Halloween, Alien Pizza Planet at Disneyland has three special items. We’ve had the Alien Macaron before, but there’s also a deconstructed lasagna and the Supernova Special.


Deconstructed Lasagna – $11.99

Campanelle pasta tossed in ricotta cream sauce topped with Bolognese sauce and bread crumbs


In the Halloween treats announcement, this was listed as “deconstructed lasagna” but on the sign at Alien Pizza Planet, it’s called “Claw-Sagna Pasta.” It’s a solid pasta dish for lunch but we wouldn’t come back just to have it.


It has a hearty red meat sauce with a bit of kick at the end that we enjoyed. The pasta was well-cooked. There’s some cheese but it’s not overly cheesy.


There’s a good Italian flavor from the oregano and fennel. It’s a huge portion so easily shareable.


Supernova Special – $8.99

Spiced marinara sauce topped with sausage, salami, assorted cheeses, onions, olives, and tomatoes drizzled with pesto


This pizza was just fine. The pesto was a nice touch and livened it up but we could have stood for a bit more.


The fresh cherry tomato was nice, it brought some bright acidity and freshness.


Overall, it’s a fine pizza but nothing exceptional.

Halloween Alien Macaron – $5.99

Filled with blackberry buttercream and lemon curd

We love this cute alien. Of course, he’s is a sugary mess, but worth it. The filling is delicious.

He’s coated in chocolate and the outer shell flakes apart nicely. Be sure to give this a chance if only for the pictures!

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