REVIEW: Halloween Candy Sundae is a Treat and Not a Trick for Halloween Time 2021 at Disneyland

Happy Halloween! We’re trying all of the new (and old) tricks and treats available at Disneyland this year, including the Halloween Candy Sundae at Gibson Girl Parlor. This sundae is actually the same as 2019’s Trick or Treat Sundae.


Halloween Candy Sundae – $16.99

Two sundaes in one: sour gummy ice cream with raspberry sauce, gummy treats, and fruit candies; and chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and pieces of chocolate candy bars


You can get this Halloween sundae in either a Mickey or a Minnie kitchen sink.

The “sour gummy ice cream” had a really weird texture that tasted like Kool-Aid powder mixed with water. Not exactly the flavor we were looking for with sour gummy ice cream.

The sour gummy candies tasted better than the actual ice cream, which is a bit disappointing. However, we loved the chocolate side of the sundae with the hot fudge and candy. It tasted like the perfect chocolate-packed sundae.

The sink is a fun addition to this sundae and the portion is very large, perfect for sharing with the whole family.

We had seven kids eat this with us and only one of them liked the sour side of the sundae. You can see that we were much more eager to continue to eat the chocolate fudge side, which was a stark contrast to the very melted and watery consistency of the sour gummy side.

Unless you love sour candy mixed with ice cream, we recommend sticking to a normal sundae, or maybe a full-on chocolate sundae.

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