REVIEW: New Delicious Ghost Pepper Steak Nachos and Terrible Specialty Cocktail from Lamplight Lounge for Halloween at Disney California Adventure

Ghost Pepper Nachos and a specialty cocktail are back at Lamplight Lounge with all-new versions for this Halloween season at Disney California Adventure.


Ghost Pepper Nachos – $21

House-made green tortilla chips, ghost pepper cheese sauce, ghost pepper-marinated steak, refried black beans, tomatillo avocado salsa, tomato, and cilantro


The previous version of this dish, which we enjoyed, was made with chicken instead of steak.


This was one of the best dishes we had all day. The chips are well made, and the bright green hue makes them fun and unique. Unlike other ghost pepper dishes, cheese sauce is barely spicy, with a heat that is noticeable but not uncomfortable. The heat does build after a while but never overtakes you. The salsa is fresh and brings an earthy quality from the tomatillo, along with bright acidity to cut through the hearty cheese sauce. The steak is well cooked, not overly chewy as chopped steak often is. The black beans are the weakest point of the dish only because they are plain black beans and have nothing to make them stand out. Pair this with a nice glass of wine (NOT the specialty cocktail), and you have a wonderful mid-afternoon snack on the boardwalk.

Specialty Cocktail – $17

Añejo tequila, mezcal, agave, hibiscus, and lemon juice


This was awful. It doesn’t say anything about there being spice, but it’s definitely still spicy. It’s slightly more palatable than 2019’s version, but not by much. It can’t decide if it wants to be a hurricane or a margarita, and it has a weird tartness that does NOT mix with the spice. We do not recommend this.

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