REVIEW: Vampire Mickey-shaped Sourdough Flies Back Into Pacific Wharf Café for Halloween at Disney California Adventure

If you’re (very) hungry or looking for a spooky snack to share, fly on over to Pacific Wharf Café, Boudin Bakery, or Mortimer’s Market (where it is listed as Mickey Bat Sourdough) at Disney California Adventure for the Vampire Mickey-shaped Sourdough. This treat returns from 2019, though it used to be called Mickey Fang Bread.

Vampire Mickey-shaped Sourdough – $11.49


Wow. Just wow. If you like bread, Mickey, or hilarious pictures of a loaf of bread bigger than your head, please grab this immediately. You will not regret it. The bread is soft and delicious on the inside, with a light crispy crust on the outside. For the price, this thing was bigger than our heads, and you can take it around the park to snack on or take it home with you.

It does come in a plastic bag labeled for the bakery, and they also include an additional plastic bag so he can be waterproof if you choose to take him on Grizzly River Run.

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