PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure (10/25/21): A Rainy Day at Disneyland as Christmas Approaches

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We headed down to the Disneyland Resort on this rainy day to see what’s new. In times past, a rainstorm like this may have made us consider going another day, but with park passes in such short supply until a replenishment, we can’t pass up the opportunity to get through the gates and soak up some magic. Join us as we hit both parks in a grand circle tour.


Price increases start the day. Ticket prices have gone up too, and the high-end Magic Key pass, the Dream Key, which allows for free parking, has sold out.



Inside the park, it was a rainy day, but a good crowd was still willing to brave the storm, especially before it hit hard.


At 20th Century Music on Main Street, U.S.A., guests can get an open edition Marvel pin for $9.99 on a cardboard backer or $99.99 in a frame. It’s the same pin, just framed for 10x the price.


Birds line the Tinker Bell guidewire as the storm approaches.


Snow hit the castle a few days ago, and the installation is still underway. We wanted to get an up-close look at the decorations being installed.


The little dots are LED lights that will illuminate at night for the snowfall show.


Electrical cables are hung to interface with the icicle lights that have yet to be installed.


Over in Toontown, Baby Herman’s cigar is now held way out to the side as it used to be. Reports came in from several social media accounts that this cigar had been removed a few weeks ago, but his arm was just moved in closer to the interior of the carriage, making it harder to spot. Now it is back out and in clear view.


The approach of the Lightning Lane has begun in earnest. “it’s a small world” has removed the Fastpass entrance sign from the marquee.


The attraction is currently down for refurbishment as the holiday overlay is installed. The track has been drained, and workers could be seen prepping the site for the coming rain.


In Frontierland, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has been closed for a few weeks to undergo refurbishments. And today, we noticed that not only has the Fastpass entrance sign been removed, but the Lightning Lane sign has been installed.


Despite the Lightning Lane sign, the water tower still reads “FastPass Distribution” even though the FastPass machines were removed several weeks ago.


Christmas decorations have come to New Orleans Square, and garland could be found on just about every surface it could be mounted.


The classic Santa moons have been hung from the trees as well.


At Port Royal Curios and Curiosities, the Christmas decorations outside belie the Halloween merchandise within.


Oogie Boogie Bash merchandise can now be found in New Orleans Square. The once exclusive party-only merchandise has since become available to all guests, and now at both parks.


Ok, scavenger hunt time. Who knows where this Mr. Smee roof support post is? Drop your answer in the comments below.


With the rain starting to pick up, the Resistance fighters on Batuu donned their rain ponchos. It’s rare to get to see rain gear at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge West, so this came as a nice surprise. These ponchos are the same style as the one General Leia Organa wore on Endor.


Keeping with the Star Wars updates, Star Trader in Tomorrowland has these cool new Spirit Jerseys from Skywalker Academy.


And Star Wars Launch Bay may be tip-toeing back toward reopening, as this sign was spotted out front.


Downtown Disney


It started coming down hard later in the afternoon, sending a flood of poncho-clad guests scrambling for cover in the shops.


At World of Disney, we found this awesome ceramic Starbucks tumbler featuring a retro-inspired design of Disneyland.


In The Disney Dress Shop, we found a three-piece set of “Walt’s Holiday Lodge” Dooney & Bourke bags.


And a button-down denim shirt to match.

Disney California Adventure


A slight break in the downpour made for some wonderful shots of Grizzly Peak.


In Elias & Co., we found a whole slew of new Star Wars apparel.


We also found this cool new Darkwing Duck t-shirt, perfect for when it’s time to get dangerous.


The rain made for some beautiful pictures, like here along Route 66 heading out of Radiator Springs.


At the Backlot Premiere Shop, we found a pair of new Avengers shirts for kids and adults.


Due to the rain, most outdoor attractions were shut down, so the Incredicoaster just sits at the launch point, waiting for clearer weather.


At Toy Story Midway Mania, Mr. Potato Head is behind some curtains. But he’s watching…


… always watching.


And finally, Grizzly River Run is the first DCA attraction to receive a Lightning Lane entrance sign. Just like Big Thunder Mountain, however, the other signs around the entrance have yet to change.

Well, that’s it from us here at Disneyland. We’re glad you rode along. Be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think of the photo report. We’ll see ya real soon!

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