PHOTOS: New Plaza Point Holiday Shoppe Signage Installed at Disneyland Park

Earlier this month, Disney announced that a new holiday shop would be opening on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland Park. The Plaza Point Holiday Shoppe will replace Main Street Photo Supply Co., providing Christmas merchandise year-round, as well as a rotation of other holiday items. Signage for the new shop has now appeared on the building’s exterior.


A long Plaza Point Holiday Shoppe sign is above the awnings, advertising “the greatest gifts.”


The same signage can be found above another set of windows and a door, which are all blocked off and covered.


Wet paint signs warn of where the exterior wall has been freshly painted a light blue.


Each window has different lettering. This says “giftworthy cheer” in gold lettering, with a gold border around the edge of the glass.


This window reads “holiday novelties.”


Finally, this one advertises “exquisite designs.”


At the store’s main entrance is a Plaza Point marquee.


Above it is an image of children pulling a wagon of toys.


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