REVIEW: Haunted Mansion Holiday Wreath Cookie and Chocolate Cherry Cake Materialize at French Market Restaurant in Disneyland for Halloween 2021

Halloween Town has invaded Disneyland’s New Orleans Square with the return of Haunted Mansion Holiday for its 20th anniversary. But the festivities don’t stop there — French Market Restaurant is also getting in on the fun with two menu items.


French Market is located in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park.

Haunted Mansion Holiday Wreath Cookie – $7.49

Sugar cookie with strawberry topping, cornflake cereal coated in green mint marshmallow cream, white chocolate decorations, and icing


The cookie is soft and tastes like any Disneyland sugar cookie. The strawberry topping had a strange artificial taste, and the whole thing was very sweet due to the immense amount of sugary decorations. We wouldn’t go out of our way for it again, but it’s a large serving that is great for photographs. Beware, it is very sticky.

Haunted Mansion Chocolate Cherry Wedding Cake – $7.99

Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, sour cherries, and cream cheese filling finished with a splatter of cherry sauce


It’s a chocolatey twist on the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Wedding Cake that was served back in August 2019 with white cake. Unfortunately, we prefer the previous version.


The frosting looks good, but the buttercream is terrible. It has an artificial taste. We had a hard time getting past the first two bites of frosting.


The cake itself is great! It is moist with a nice chocolate flavor. Cherries and cherry sauce mix well with the cake and cream cheese filling.


The Haunted Mansion Chocolate Cherry Wedding Cake should have used the cream cheese filling as frosting. That would make this dessert a winner.

Which one would you try? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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