Disney Cites Schedule “Conflict” As Reason Bob Chapek Won’t Attend Destination D23, States WDWNT Has “Stooped to a New Low”

As expected, Disney has reached out to WDWNT.com and several of their preferred news outlets to update guests on why Bob Chapek won’t be attending Destination D23 this weekend at Walt Disney World:

Bob has a conflict in LA on Friday night and couldn’t make it back to Orlando on time.  Your post is ridiculous and you’ve really stooped to a new low by making this up.

Jacquee Whaler, Disney spokeswoman

As is the the norm in these situations, Disney’s public affairs and PR departments have become incredibly aggressive when a mess needs to be cleaned up. You may recall the sometimes rather nasty manner in which they handled the Scarlett Johansson lawsuit a few months ago as well. We expect no less from them at this point.

It is unclear as to why Bob’s removal from the schedule was kept a secret if it was just a simple conflict. It is strange to have removed him quietly from all of the press releases and such weeks ago but never communicating the schedule change to those who paid to attend the event. Another thought also comes to mind: Surely the CEO of the biggest entertainment company in the world has access to a jet that can get him from LA to Orlando relatively quickly.

Based on the responses to this journalist’s tweet, I’d say the public isn’t buying the story:

Disney apparently released this statement in response to the piece we ran this morning with the speculation as to the real reason why he won’t actually be at the event: that Disney fans would heckle or boo him when he takes the stage.