REVIEW: Delicious Apple Fritter Bread Pudding Returns to Pacific Wharf Café for Disney California Adventure Festival of Holidays

Some words just go together, like “apple” and “fritter” or “bread” and “pudding.” Luckily, Pacific Wharf Café at Disney California Adventure has brought it all back together again for the Festival of Holidays!


Apple Fritter Bread Pudding — $5.99

Warm apple cinnamon bread pudding served with whipped cream and warm salted caramel sauce

We’ve had quite a few bread puddings here, and luckily, this one is good. It wasn’t too sweet and the outside had a crispy crust for texture, while the inside was moist and flavorful.

No flavor was too overpowering. The cinnamon worked with the apples, which paired nicely with the caramel.

The chunks of bread are fairly large, so a knife will be helpful.

We would definitely get this again.

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