REVIEW: Holiday Snack Molecules are a Spicy Surprise at Pym Test Kitchen in Avengers Campus, Disney California Adventure

Hank Pym is serving up a new snack mix at the Pym Test Kitchen in Disney California Adventure this holiday season. Read our review of these holiday snack “molecules” below.


Holiday Snack Molecules – $7.50

Gingerbread & Mexican hot chocolate caramel corn, mini pretzels, honey-roasted peanuts, dried cranberries, and popped sorghum


There’s a huge dose of ginger-spice shrunk into this small package. Whether the gingerbread or the Mexican hot chocolate caramel corn hits your tongue, you’ll definitely get a spicy taste.


The rest of the mix is bland by comparison, but also a welcome filler that takes the edge off the heavily spiced pieces. When eaten in handfuls, everything balances out.


This isn’t the snack-by-the-piece popcorn you might eat at a suspenseful movie. This is a handful-at-a-time mix that satisfies the need for something unique and interesting in a sea of plain gingerbread and peppermint offerings at Disneyland Resort.

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