REVIEW: New Holiday Cookie Churro Delivers Holiday Theme, Basic Taste at Disneyland Park

Disneyland is known for its churros. The holidays are known for cookies. These two treats collide to create the Holiday Cookie Churro at Disneyland Park.


The new churro is available at the churro cart in Town Square.

Holiday Cookie Churro — $6.75

Topped with crushed ginger snaps and holiday spices, with vanilla dipping sauce


This is a fun churro, but not a real departure from a classic churro. If you are looking for something adventurous and new, this isn’t it.


The vanilla dipping sauce is served in a plastic cup.


This churro has a just a hint of holiday spices. It is still heavier on the familiar churro cinnamon and sugar flavor.


The dipping sauce is more of a frosting.


It feels a bit much when added to the already sweet churro.


Overall, the Holiday Cookie Churro has the theme, but not the taste, of the holidays.

Other churros available for the holidays include the Bride and Groom churros, cinnamon chocolate churro, and pink coconut churro.

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