PHOTOS: New “Best Friends,” “I’m Here for the…” and Disney Feathered Friends Pin Sets Debut at the Disneyland Resort

Whether you have a furry or feathered friend, or if you’ve got a one-track mind when you visit a Disney Park, there’s a trio of new pin sets at the Disneyland Resort that’ll help you share what you love.

Trusty and Jock “Best Friends” Pin Set — $17.99


Trusty and Jock from “Lady and the Tramp” are the subject of this pin set celebrating their friendship.


The bone-shaped card the pins come on is perforated, perhaps so that the pins can be shared between best friends.


“I’m Here for the…” Pin Set — $29.99


Whether you’re looking for the latest pair of Mickey ears, the perfect picture spot, a tasty snack, or well… the latest pin release, there’s a new set of pins designed for guests who know what they want. These remind us quite a bit of a set of metal buttons released a couple months ago over in Tokyo.


The “I’m Here for the Pins” pin features a lanyard with the official Pin Trading logo as a medallion.


Disney Feathered Friends Mystery Pin Collection — $17.99


Disney’s dogs and cats have been honored with many pins, and now, the birds have their day with a new mystery pin set.


Avian stars featured in the collection include such characters as Iago, Zazu, Flit, Scuttle, Hei Hei, Kevin, Launchpad McQuack, and perhaps the biggest name in Disney birds: Donald Duck.


Each box contains two randomly-selected pins in the 12-pin set.


We found all of these pins at Westward Ho Trading Company at Disneyland.

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