PHOTOS: New ‘Toy Story’ Pizza Planet Hooded Spirit Jersey, Puffy Jacket, Sweater, & Mug Land at Disneyland Resort

Ooooo-oooooh! If you’re ready to show your love for Pizza Planet, whether it’s the fake restaurant in the “Toy Story” franchise or the very real Alien Pizza Planet eatery in Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park, there’s a whole new line of red-and-white apparel just for you!

Pizza Planet Hooded Zip-Up Spirit Jersey – $79.99


At Star Trader in Tomorrowland, we spotted this hooded Pizza Planet zip-up Spirit Jersey, which we first saw earlier this week at Walt Disney World. On the front it features the Pizza Planet logo with a pizza surrounded by a ring.


The backside features a checkered design on the top and bottom of the Pizza Planet wordmark.

Pizza Planet Sweater – $52.99


Over at the Emporium is this Pizza Planet sweater, which features the wordmark and logo on the front side. The sweater itself is red with black dye around.


The sleeve feature the checkerboard pattern.


The backside has no art but does have those black dye marks.

Pizza Planet Puffy Jacket – $59.99


The Pizza Planet puffy jacket is of course all red with a prominent Pizza Planet logo and wordmark on the front. Icons of stars and planets surround the words, and “Delivery service available!” is written below and to the right.


We found this at Knick’s Knacks in Pixar Pier.

Pizza Planet Mug – $14.99


This plain white mug features the Pizza Planet logo and wordmark again, but on a white background with red text instead of white text on a red background. We found this at China Closet on Main Street U.S.A.

All four of these Pizza Planet items are available now, so be sure to pick them up next time you visit Disneyland! And let us know in the comments below if you’ll be repping the Pizza Planet fit on your next trip!

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