REVIEW: New Tamale Dog Now Available at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

The Tamale Dog is Craftsman Bar & Grill’s “Hot Dog of the Month” for the month of December. Keep on reading for our review of this odd-tasting dish.


Tamale Dog – $12


This dish was an odd one. Not necessarily bad, but just odd.


A hefty hot dog enrobed in masa (corn dough) to be almost like a tamale stuffed with hot dog instead of beef or cheese.


It’s confusing because all of the flavors are there that you would expect, from the very “tamale” flavor of the masa to the wonderful hearty, hot dog and the cool tomatoes of the pico de gallo. But it doesn’t really gel together the way one would hope.


It’s almost like you’re eating a hot dog and a tamale, but not a tamale hot dog.


It’s a confusing dish and not necessarily something we would order again.


But we’re glad we tried it this once.


And being a hot dog of the month flavor, we look forward to next month’s new experiment.


You can try it for yourself at Craftsman Bar & Grill located at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.


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