Disney Patents New ‘Virtual World’ Simulator With No Headset for Potential Theme Park Experiences

The Walt Disney Company has patented a “virtual world” simulator that could be used on future theme park attractions, Orange County Register reports.

The technology, which Disney calls “virtual world” instead of virtual reality or augmented reality, would allow multiple guests to experience a 3D virtual world from multiple vantage points without a VR headset or other device. It would create 3D imagery using multiple projectors.

The simulator uses a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technique that tracks the changing point of view of a guest to continue changing the 3D image.

The patent states that the virtual world simulator could project animated characters, objects, props, or artwork into real-world locations.

Founders Legal patent and technology technical advisor John DeStefano told Spectrum News that Disney wants to introduce virtual simulations into Disney Parks. “Rather than look through a phone screen or a headset,” DeStefano said, “Disney developed a system almost similar to a movie projector to project on a real surface what humans see on a screen. It’s more real-world experience rather than looking at it through a phone.”

Disney has been experimenting with VR and AR experiences for several years, most recently at Downtown Disney District with the “Star Wars: Tales From Galaxy’s Edge” VR experience.

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