REVIEW: Mardi Gras Coconut Cake is Worthy of the Royal Court at Disneyland Park

Happy Mardi Gras! If you’ll be celebrating Fat Tuesday at Disneyland Resort, you might want to indulge in some themed treats. Luckily, the French Market in New Orleans Square has a Mardi Gras Coconut Cake that we definitely recommend!

Mardi Gras Coconut Cake – $7.99

This cake is composed of three layers of royal-colored sponge cake and pastry cream dusted with coconut flakes.

Not only does it look delicious, it tastes incredible!

The sponge cake is moist and the coconut cream is soft and light. Even guests who aren’t big fans of coconut will still enjoy this cake.

We’re a little bummed that this is a limited-time item on the menu at French Market, we’d love to see it stick around all year!

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