REVIEW: New Blueberry Chocolate Churro Dipping Sauce is a Great Upgrade at Disneyland

A new blueberry chocolate churro dipping sauce is now available at Disneyland Park.

The dipping sauce can be found at churro carts.

It is available as an add-on for $1.00.

Blueberry Chocolate Dipping Sauce – $1.00

Topped with cookie crumbles

It’s hard to improve on the classic churro, but this dip really brings something extra.

It’s thick and rich, almost like a chocolate pudding with a subtle blueberry hint.

It’s the perfect complement to the light and crispy churro.

It’s rich and sweet, which leads to an intense treat when added to the sugared churro. Yet the sweetness isn’t overpowering, it’s exactly as sweet as you would want it to be.

This is a fantastic dip that doesn’t take away from the churro and only adds enjoyment. We recommend going for this upgrade on your next Disneyland trip.

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