New Mickey, Poison Apple, Cinderella’s Coach, Stitch, and More Scented Candles at Disneyland Resort

Several new scented candles in special themed candle holders are now available at Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland candles

We found these in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District.

Castle Tower Candle – $34.99

This candle holder is shaped like a castle tower with a golden crown on top.

It’s covered in stone details, with archways, columns, and balconies.

There’s a castle portcullis.

It has a “castle garden” scent and smells very flowery.

Mickey Mouse Candle – $34.99

This candle holder has a relatively subtle design.

It is shaped like Mickey’s head, with a ceramic bottom and wood finish lid.

It smells like brown cinnamon sugar. It has three wicks, while the others all have one.

Poison Apple Candle – $34.99

This candle holder is red with a white potion dripping over it into the shape of a skull.

The lid has a golden apple stem

It has a perfect sweet green apple smell.

Cinderella’s Coach Candle – $34.99

This candle is shaped like Cinderella’s pumpkin coach.

It’s a shiny blue with gold outlining the doors.

It has a pumpkin spice scent.

“Hunny” Pot Candle – $34.99

This pot is white with a honeycomb design and gold accents.

“Hunny” is painted on one side, with some of the honeycomb outlined in gold.

There are some gold bees painted on the pot too.

The lid is gold.

It has a “yummy honey” scent that smelled like sweet wax to us.

Marie Candle – $34.99

The Marie candle comes in a pink holder with a white lid featuring Marie’s outline and pink bow.

The side of the holder has a quilted look with “M” on some of the embossed dots.

It has a very sweet French vanilla scent.

Stitch Pineapple Candle – $34.99

Finally, we love this Stitch pineapple candle.

It is white with gold touches. The lid is shaped like Stitch’s head.

The bottom of the candle holder is shaped like a pineapple.

He has the top of a pineapple as a hat, with the leaves, his eyelids, and his nose painted gold.

This “tropical pineapple” was our favorite scent. It didn’t smell too much like pineapple, more like pineapple vanilla.

Which candle is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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