PHOTOS: Baymax “Finger Cots” Available on shopDisney Japan

It’s been just over a year since The Happy Ride with Baymax opened at Tokyo Disneyland, and merchandise themed to the personal healthcare companion is still trickling out. Although this one comes not from Tokyo Disney Resort, but shopDisney Japan, these Baymax finger cots are still sick! Don’t worry; it’s just an expression.

Baymax Finger Cots – ¥550 ($4.75)

Baymax Finger Cots

Each finger cot resembles a small version of Baymax. They measure at 14mm.

Baymax Finger Cots

The finger cots are made of rubber and come in sets of two. There’s a small cutout on the top side for Baymax’s eyes, with his chip port being in its proper location on the top and in a larger size with “Baymax” on the bottom.

Just as Baymax would want, these can protect your fingers from paper cuts while rifling through paperwork, or protect a wound when a bandage is impractical or unnecessary (or your kids may take them to use as toys, since they’re so adorable). They’re available for sale now on shopDisney Japan.

Would you buy these new tiny “personal healthcare companions”? Let us know in the comments below!

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