PHOTOS: New Olaf Bubble Wand, Tinker Bell and Sorcerer Mickey Glow Wands Now Available at Disneyland

Three new wands inspired by Olaf, Tinker Bell, and Sorcerer Mickey are now available at Disneyland Resort. We found the bubble and glow wands at Fantasy Faire Gifts in Disneyland.

Olaf Bubble Wand – $27.84

Olaf sits atop a blue wand.

He sits on a base made of semi-transparent hexagons.

A hexagonal jewel at the bottom holds the bubble mixture.

The bubbles come out of Olaf’s head.

Tinker Bell Glow Wand – $20

This wand is made to resemble the wand Tinker Bell sometimes uses.

It has a light-up green star on the top.

Most of the wand is silvery-white, with Tinker Bell printed at the center.

A third of the wand is a metallic green with stars and a jewel at the bottom.

It lights up with orange and green lights.

Mickey Glow Wand – $25.06

This is a much longer wand than the others. It has Sorcerer Mickey printed on it and lights up with a rainbow of colors.

It’s red at the top and bottom.

It’s topped with a Mickey-shaped jewel wearing the Sorcerer’s hat.

One button makes the wand light up, while the other projects images of Mickey in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” from the base.

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