PHOTOS, VIDEO, REVIEW: We Had a Private Party at Mickey’s House in Toontown at Disneyland Park

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We came down to Disneyland to hang out with the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse, in a private party held in his home in Toontown. Come along with us as we see everything that ‘Celebrate! in Mickey’s Toontown’ has to offer.

Here’s a short video recapping the experience, but photos will follow below:

As the hills of the new Toontown skyline are being put in place in the distance, we got to take a nostalgic trip back inside Mickey’s house, which has been closed to guests since March 2020.

The check-in is out front, near the side path gate. When our time came, we were ushered back to the shared garden space between Mickey and Minnie’s houses.

Being a party made up of all Magic Key Holders, we were given the extra special badge for the occassion.

Corey was our party facilitator, and he was just fantastic. Putting up with a bunch of excited kids must be a handful enough, but a bunch of excited (and way more sarcastic) adults going into Mickey’s house party must have been a real challenge.

Mickey has left directional signs for us as we take the side entrance into his hallway that connects to the Movie Barn. And all of these little touches sure do bring back memories for us. It’s a nice walk down memory lane to see a lot of these things again.

Unfortunately, the party enters through the side door and bypasses Mickey’s actual house. We got to see down the hallway that his washing machine is still running, but our guide led us directly in to the backyard and Movie Barn area.

Along the way, we played an ‘I Spy’-type game of Hot Dog. Fun fact, courtesy of Corey — Mickey’s first spoken words on screen are “hot dog,” so this is an appropriate game for the party.

Entering the Movie Barn, we got to see all the cameras and props from some of Mickey’s past films.

And being a barn, it has to have some chickens.

They say if you stare long enough into Mickey’s magic mirror, you might find Mickey staring back at you.

The walls are lined with art from Mickey’s various ventures in the past. Passing through the Stable of Stars, we see many of the gang’s accoutrements in storage.

And Donald seems to have walked away from a job half finished.

Boy, that paint brush is really stuck in there. Donald must have been really mad this time.

As we pass the projection booth, a Cast Member plucks a balloon for our staffer who arranged the party.

And then we finally got to Mickey Mouse himself. The one-time queue for the meet-and-greet with the projections of coming attractions is now the meeting area itself.

The projector now displays the event logo with the name of the guest who is celebrating at the event. WDWNT staffer Nana Tanaka arranged the party for us, so her name is “embroidered” on the digital mouse ears.

For a short period, you get too meet Mickey and get as many photos and videos as you might need.

After meeting Mickey, we were ushered into his sound stage and walked past a wall of reels with every Mickey cartoon he has ever done.

The stage was set for “The Band Concert” filming. This is usually where Mickey would find a few moments in between takes to greet guests when the venue was operating as a regular meet-and-greet before the pandemic. Now it is our private room for the party.

Can you spot the hidden Mickey?

Tables were set around for the party that could accommodate up to ten guests.

For each guest in attendance, a place setting was laid of a “Celebrate!” paper hat, an activity card, and crayons.

We played Hot Dog on the way through the backyard, and we had our photo taken with Mickey, so we got those stamped off right away.

Next up, it was time for our craft. We all got to coloring, which is probably the first time we have all done this since Clinton was in office. Even though it felt a little silly for a room full of adults, it was still a good time and we all dove in with gusto.

Lighter or darker, coloring the object itself or the background relief, we all had different styles and they all turned out great.

After coloring, it was time for Disneyland Bingo. Corey called the game and we placed red papers on the squares, which was nice so we could save our memento without destroying it in the game.

The bingo cards went away and it was time for cupcake decorating.

Each kit comes with a vanilla cupcake, three icing bags, and two large bags of sprinkles with candy.

In between activities, we had a chance to look around in Mickey’s sound stage. Nana used Mickey’s vanity mirror to get the perfect selfie. We also had a dedicated Disney PhotoPass photographer who went around the party snapping shots like this one so we could focus on having fun.

After cupcakes, we played party games. “Truth, Truth and Make Believe” was a fun one, but the real challenge came with a game of telephone charades. Acting out a Disney character and passing it down the line got some hilarious responses.

In all, we had a fun time at Mickey’s house and it was nice to be back there after being closed so long. Our PhotoPass photographers sent us off with a digital card of our magical memories, and when we got them downloaded, we saw this once-in-a-lifetime Magic Shot of our experience Celebrating in Mickey’s Toontown.

The experience also includes a “lightning lane” of sorts that is advertised as good at Gadget’s Go Coaster, but we were also told it works at Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. Upon further inspection, it turns out it was valid at many attractions in both park, with the exception of a few things like Peter Pan’s Flight and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

And, of course, Mickey came out as we were leaving to wave goodbye.

The gatherings are $350 for up to 10 guests and, as you saw above, Disney does all the party planning.

We hope you enjoyed coming along with us for this special look inside Mickey’s house. In review, for a younger guest’s birthday party or special celebration, this is a fun, memorable, and not that outrageously priced option considering it can be up to 10 attendees.

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