REVIEW: Magic Key Ima’gin’ Cocktail is a Sparkling New Drink at Disneyland Resort

We stopped by Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney District to try the new Ima’gin’ cocktail now available for Magic Key Holder Celebration Month at Disneyland. Keep on reading for our review of this sparkling new drink.

Ima’gin’ Cocktail – $16

Empress Gin, mint-infused syrup, fresh lime juice, and sparkling wine — along with a bit of glitter dust — to create a “magical” cocktail that changes colors in front of you. Stir your imagination away with a rock candy stirrer.

This is a well-combined cocktail. It’s not as complex as some other cocktails here at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. It is rather uniform in flavor, but still very enjoyable.

What we like most about it, other than the shiny glitter, is that the majority of the sweetness of the cocktail comes from the inclusion of the rock candy swizzle stick. So each guest can customize how sweet their drink is.

If you remove the rock candy quickly upon receiving your drink, there’s only a small hint of sweet. Then adding the rock candy back in and stirring the drink will sweeten it, which is even better as the ice slowly melts to dilute it.

The gin comes through prevalently, but not in a harsh, alcoholic-bite way. Rather more of a herbal, floral flavor as the standout tasting note behind the sweetness of the drink. It’s a very enjoyable cocktail and if gin is your drink of choice, you can’t go wrong with the Ima’gin’ cocktail.

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