REVIEW: New Gorgeous Grey Stuff and Heart-Shaped Butter Cookie Are Picture-Perfect for Valentine’s Day at Red Rose Taverne in Disneyland

The Strawberry Sweetheart Tea has been joined by two more sweets to get you in the romantic spirit. The new Gorgeous Grey Stuff and Heart-shaped Butter Cookie are now available at Red Rose Taverne in Disneyland Park.

Gorgeous Grey Stuff – $6.49

Red Shortbread Cookie, Red Velvet Cake, Raspberry, Cookies & Cream Mousse, and Heart Sprinkles

The Grey Stuff is delicious, as always. The red velvet cake inside is light and pairs perfectly with the cookies and cream-flavored mousse.

There’s a raspberry hidden on top, like always, and the cookie underneath is a light shortbread cookie with a hint of lemon.

The cute Valentine’s Day sprinkles are the only thing setting this version apart; otherwise, it’s exactly like the older ones.

Heart-shaped Butter Cookie – $5.49

Heart-shaped Shortbread Cookie with Strawberry Glaze, White Chocolate Drizzle, and Heart Sprinkles

The butter cookie is light with a healthy filling of strawberry jam that paired perfectly.

Heart-shaped sprinkles and a white chocolate Minnie bow make this treat very photogenic.

The heart-shaped cookie was also great. It’s huge, so it’s perfect for sharing with your Valentine.

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