REVIEW: New Magic Key Slush, Galactic Sunrise Slush, Spicy Nash Chicken Sandwich at Galactic Grill in Disneyland

We swung by Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland at Disneyland to try the new Magic Key Slush, for Magic Key Holder Celebration Month. While there, we also picked up the Spicy Nash Chicken Sandwich and Galactic Sunrise Slush.

Magic Key Slush – $11.99

Layered with flavors of pink limeade and cotton candy, topped with whipped cream and orange sugar, served with a light-up glow cube

This is a pretty straightforward Disney Parks slush: super sugary but cool and refreshing. The flavors of pink limeade and cotton candy combine so neither really stands out, unless you maneuver your straw to just one part of the drink.

It all tastes like artificial sweetness. A cotton candy slush or a limeade slush on their own would be nice, but together they lose their edge.

That said, the whipped cream takes this to another level. After mixing the whip into the drink, you’re left with a creamy, less intensely sweet concoction that is very pleasant. The whipped cream makes this one of the best slushes in recent memory.

Galactic Sunrise Slush – $11.49

Strawberry Limeade with mix of sliced Strawberries and Purée, served with a Light-up Glow Cube

This slush — on its own without adjustment — is better than the Magic Key Slush. The strawberry lemonade flavors work really well together and it’s not as sweet as we expect from Disney Parks slushes.

It’s tart, fruity, and tastes like summer in a cup.

We thoroughly enjoyed it and will revisit it when things warm up in Southern California.

Unfortunately, the glow cubes don’t stand out very well in the sun.

Spicy Nash Chicken Sandwich – $13.29

Fried breaded chicken breast smothered in house-made Nashville hot-inspired sauce, with bread-and-butter pickle chips and mayo on a toasted bun served with Greek yogurt or French fries

This lives up to its name: it’s spicy. Not in an unpleasant way, but it does definitely bring some heat.

The house-made Nashville hot-inspired sauce is really good. It’s not just vinegar and spice as so many Nashville hot sauces are. It has flavor and really enhances the chicken.

The chicken itself is not as crispy as one would hope, being that it is fried chicken. But the flavor is good enough to put that out of mind.

The bread-and-butter pickle chips were a treat, bringing a burst of sweet amidst the savory and spicy sandwich.

The top bun was glued on by sauce, while the bottom bun had all the sauces.

If you’re a fan of spice, then this sandwich is for you.

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