VIDEO: Lightning McQueen Replica Pulled Over, Officer Says It’s Not Street Legal, But It is Cool

A driver in a Lightning McQueen replica car was pulled over for having something covering his front windshield — McQueen’s eyes!

In two videos shared to Instagram by account ninefivegarage, we see a man in a Dinoco hoodie pulled over and talking to a police officer.

The officer asks if the driver knows why he was pulled over, to which he responds he “has a hunch.”

“Let’s be honest about the car, it’s cool as crap,” the officer states before making the point that you can’t have anything covering your front windshield.

In the follow up video, the driver explains that he’s going to see a child with cancer and that once he removes the McQueen eyes, that piece is ruined and he will need to make another.

Image Source: NineFiveGarage on Instagram

The officer is sympathetic, but reiterates that it is unsafe to drive with something blocking your view of what is in front of you.

What would you do if you saw Lightning McQueen driving around? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: ninefivegarage on Instagram

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