REVIEW: Maple Bacon Churro Returns for the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

The Maple Bacon Churro has returned specifically for the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival, so of course we had to go grab one. You can find it at the churro cart near Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. Keep on reading for our review!

Maple Bacon Churro – $6.25

Cinnamon Sugar, Maple Icing and Crumbled Bacon

This is your typical Disney churro handmade to order. Cast Members will dust the churro with cinnamon sugar, then drizzle maple icing and finally top it with bacon crumbles.

Immediately, the bacon crumbles were crumbling to the ground. The maple icing was also coming off quickly. This churro is messy and should be left in the paper unless you want icing everywhere.

It looks pretty, but sadly, this churro was disappointing. The cinnamon sugar taste overwhelmed everything. If you tried hard you could taste the maple drizzle, but if we hadn’t been told that was the flavor, we wouldn’t have guessed.

Usually bacon overpowers whatever it is on, but this was not the case. This was not a bad churro by any means, it just wasn’t special. We were hoping for a bacon extravaganza and did not find it. If you try this, please comment as to how your bacon experience was.

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