REVIEW: Nuts About Cheese at the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival Surprises with Unique ‘Peanut Butter & Jelly Mac’

It’s our favorite time of the year again at Disney California Adventure park — Food & Wine time! And if you happen to be nuts about cheese, this booth is undoubtedly going to deliver with its array of cheese dishes, including a sweet mac and cheese and savory cheese and crackers dish.

Nuts About Cheese Marketplace at Disney California Adventure 2022 Food & Wine Festival

Menu for Nuts About Cheese Marketplace at Disney California Adventure 2022 Food & Wine Festival


  • 🆕Peanut Butter & Jelly Mac with brown sugar streusel and strawberry crackle – $8.25
  • 🆕Next Level Crackers & Cheese: House-made herb crackers with white cheddar-infused fromage blanc, spicy prosciutto spread, and cherry jam – $8
  • 🆕SNICKERS Caramel-Peanut Milk Chocolate Mickey Macaron: Chocolate Mickey macaron filled with caramel ganache and SNICKERS pieces – $6.50


  • 🆕Spicy Honey-Apricot Cocktail: Rye Whiskey, apricot, orange, lemon juice, spicy honey syrup, and bitters – $14

Photos of Menu Items from Nuts About Cheese Marketplace at Disney California Adventure 2022 Food & Wine Festival

*NEW* Peanut Butter & Jelly Mac with Brown Sugar Streusel and Strawberry Crackle – $8.25

This dish was surprisingly tasty! The creamy peanut butter melts well with the subtle cheese sauce to create a unique flavor that is worth trying.

It is heavy on the peanut butter flavor, so if you’re not a big fan, this may be one to avoid. The pop rocks on top to bring out the jelly flavor were a bit odd, but not altogether unwelcome.

All in all, this was a surprise hit, and probably one thing that we’ll bring our friends back to try before the festival closes.

*NEW* Next Level Crackers & Cheese – $8.00

This is an elevated version of a classic Midwest party food- a block of cream cheese draped in jam and served with crackers.

However, this is a more sophisticated version that perfects the initial dish.

The creamy cheese is delicately seasoned with herbs, and the Rosemary cracker is just that step up, making this a more sophisticated treat for the festival.

*NEW* SNICKERS Caramel-Peanut Milk Chocolate Mickey Macaron – $6.50

Like many others at Disneyland Resort, this macaron is rich and sweet.

The peanut flavor gives this a strong character reminiscent of a Snickers bar.

We enjoyed it, but it’s a heavy treat that could easily be shared between two or three people.

*NEW* Spicy Honey-Apricot Cocktail – $14

This oddly spicy yet sweet apricot drink is both complex and balanced. The bite of spice at the back of the throat is not unwelcome but somewhat unnecessary.

It is pretty sweet, but it works to cut through some of the spice.

Overall, it’s a fine drink but nothing we’d write home about. There are better drinks at the festival.

The Food & Wine Festival runs at Disney California Adventure from March 4 through April 26.

What are you looking forward to trying at Nuts About Cheese? Let us know in the comments!

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