The Hollywood Reporter Speculates Bob Chapek Might Be Removed as CEO of Walt Disney Company in 11 Months

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has not been doing well at his job. Since being put in charge of the parks and resorts division in 2015, he managed to anger and distance long-time fans of the product, but since becoming CEO of the entire company in 2020, his inability to lead effectively has been apparent. From wars with talent, to the absolute destruction of Walt Disney Imagineering, to the latest debacle over Florida legislature, it is no secret that Chapek has done little but bungle the opportunity he was given. If you’ve been following this website since 2015, as you would guess, we aren’t surprised.

The latest hit-piece on “Bob C.” is from The Hollywood Reporter. If you want to understand how Chapek is perceived within his own organization these days, here’s an idea:

A cartoon hanging in the production offices of The Simpsons seems to suggest an opinion: It has Chapek in the “In Memoriam” section of the Oscars show.

Kim Masters, The Hollywood Reporter

With just 11 months left on his contract, the article speculates Chapek may not survive within the company beyond that point. Entertainment chief Peter Rice and ex-CFO Tom Staggs (a man who inarguably saved and strengthened the Parks and Resorts division a decade ago) would seem to be favorites to replace the disliked current CEO.

You can read the remainder of the article here.

What do you think? Should Chapek lose his job as CEO?