Light-Up Elliott Popcorn Bucket and Turtle Sipper Float Into Disneyland For the Return of the Main Street Electrical Parade

The Main Street Electrical Parade is back at Disneyland to celebrate its 50th anniversary, and guests can munch and sip with the celebration thanks to a new popcorn bucket and sipper!

Light-Up Elliott Popcorn Bucket — $35.00

We found the bucket at the popcorn cart outside “it’s a small world.”

Also being sold is an Electric Sweet & Salty Popcorn, which combines colorful kettle corn with butter-flavored popcorn. Without the bucket, the mix sells for $6.75.

At long last, we get to see the Elliott bucket in all its majesty.

The smiling dragon comes with webbed wings and a electric purple mohawk and beard, reflecting the design of the parade float.

The from the back, Elliott holds waves a lantern with his tail.

The entire body is decorated with dots, resembling the lights on the float.

It also comes with a commemorative lanyard, which features an assortment of parade floats along with a 50th anniversary logo.

A handle at the top of the body lifts up for popcorn storage.

All in all, even with the steep price tag, it’s still a rather unique souvenir of this iconic parade.

Light-Up Turtle Sipper — $29.79

If you’re thirsty after all that popcorn, there’s also a sipper themed to the turtle float, which we found at Troubadour Tavern.

Look at that smiling face! The look is completed with a pair of yellow glasses and a red necktie.

Much like the bucket, the sipper is covered with bumps to resemble the “thousands of sparkling lights.”

The straw folds out from the top.

The sipper also comes with the lanyard.

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