REVIEW: Fried Green Tomato Sandwich is Back and Better Than Ever, Chili Mac Cheeseburger Disappoints, and More From Hungry Bear Restaurant at Disneyland

If you’re as hungry as a bear this spring, head over to Hungry Bear Restaurant in Disneyland Park for several seasonal offerings. New on the menu this year are the chili mac cheeseburger and peach honey tea slush. Everything else is returning from years past.

Chili Mac Cheeseburger – $15.49

1/3 lb Angus Chuck Patty with Homestyle Chili, Mac & Cheese Bites, American Cheese, and Fried Onions served with Cuties® Mandarin Oranges, French Fries or Onion Rings

Between the chili, fried mac and cheese bites, and standards of a cheeseburger, this is a lot.

It’s a very heavy entree.

The burger didn’t taste great; it was overcooked.

The bun wasn’t tasty at all.

Ultimately, this is a below-average burger.

Peach Honey Tea Slush – $5.99

topped with Honey sweetened Peaches and Whipped Cream

This definitely tastes like peaches.

It has a summery feeling to it and is very refreshing.

The honey sweetens the tea perfectly.

The diced peaches on top and the Mickey-shaped whipped cream are a bonus on an already great slush.

This is an excellent treat for hot California days.

Fried Green Tomato Sandwich – $11.79

Cornmeal-crusted with Blistered Tomato Relish, Frisée, and Mascarpone Spread on Toasted Sourdough, with Cuties® Mandarin Oranges, French Fries or Onion Rings

Finally, a guest favorite is back. But not only is this sandwich back; it’s even better than before.

There are a lot of different textures going on with juicy green tomatoes coated in gentle crispy cornmeal. The toasted sourdough bread is an unexpected delight. It’s crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside.

The blistered tomato relish is both cherry tomato halves and chunks of beefsteak tomatoes, for a sweet and fresh combination. The mascarpone spread adds smooth creaminess but lacks any punch of flavor.

This is a fantastic vegetarian option we will order again and again.

Chili Cheese Onion Rings – $5.99

topped with Homestyle Chili, Cheese, and Green Onions


This dish was fantastic. The onion rings are well cooked and perfectly crispy but not over battered.


The heavy seasoning was balanced by the creamy cheese sauce and bacon bits. None of it is overpowering, and the ratio is spot on. We highly recommend this savory snack.

Chili Cheese Fries – $5.99

topped with Homestyle Chili, Cheese, and Green Onions


The fries were as good as the onion rings, though they could have been crispier. You can’t go wrong with either choice, so pick your preference and enjoy.


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