REVIEW: Pleasantly Surprising Electric Relish Hot Dog and Firefly Chips Come to Disneyland for the Main Street Electrical Parade

We’re here at Disneyland for the official return of the Main Street Electrical Parade. Over at Refreshment Corner, they’re serving special dishes in honor of the parade’s 50th anniversary, including the Electric Relish Hot Dog and Firefly Chips, which we tried today.

Electric Relish Hot Dog – $11.99

All-beef hot dog, bacon, mustard cheese sauce, electric relish, and sport peppers served with a choice of a Cuties mandarin orange or small bag of chips

On the surface, and from reading the menu, it sounds like it will be terrible. Nacho cheese sauce on a hot dog with hot peppers and relish doesn’t sound like a good time. But surprisingly, it all works together very well.

The mustard in the nacho cheese sauce helps to bring it some character and depth rather than just yellow flavored coating as it usually is.

The tangy relish is slightly sweet and tart, with a bright acidity that cuts through the cheese sauce.

The sport peppers mixed throughout provide pops of manageable spice that bring another layer of complexity to this hot dog.

This is a unique take on a Chicago dog, minus the tomato. Overall, we enjoyed this a lot more than expected, and we will be getting another one later today.

Firefly Chips – $4.59

Corn Chips topped with Chili, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Jalapeños

These aren’t new but rather making a return from 2019.

Let’s call this what it is: a Frito Boat. This is a bag of “fireflies,” a.k.a. Frito chips topped with chili, cheese, and jalapenos. We asked to get the jalapenos on the side to distribute the heat as needed.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity. This is the perfect portable snack that both adults and kids enjoy. Guests can carry it on the go or hold it while waiting for the parade.

Do mix everything when you get it so that the cheese can melt and the chili can be mixed into the chips.

The chili is simple but has a decent flavor. We will grab this again for a park snack.

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