Some Construction Walls Removed From New Orleans Square in Disneyland

Some construction walls have been removed near Pirates of the Caribbean during the refurbishment of New Orleans Square at Disneyland.

The sign for Pirates of the Caribbean is just visible past the construction walls.

The signs at the entrance, just behind the walls, are wrapped in plastic.

There are pirate-themed photo ops along the walls.

From above, we could see the plastic taped over the signs.

Tarps are covering much of the area behind the walls.

Pirates of the Caribbean is being refurbished, while the walkways of New Orleans Square are improved for traffic.

Behind these walls, a strip of concrete is missing.

Next to Rivers of America is a square of brown plank walls.

Construction walls have been moved out of this walkway, and it does seem wider.

Planters seem to have been adjusted to widen the pathway.

Pirates of the Caribbean is scheduled to reopen this summer.

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