Ad-Supported Disney+ Will Not Accept Alcohol or Political Commercials

The new ad-supported Disney+ subscription will not have alcohol or political ads, Variety reports.

As we learned earlier this year, Disney+ will introduce an ad-supported subscription option in addition to the current option without ads in the U.S.A. later this year.

According to insiders who spoke to Variety, Disney+ will keep the new subscription option family-friendly by not accepting alcohol or political advertising at its launch. They will also be “cautious” about running ads during programming aimed at pre-school audiences and will not run ads at all when the profile indicates a child is watching.

Historically, Disney has strayed away from advertising during programming aimed at children, keeping commercials on Disney Channel to a minimum and only tied to their programming, and choosing to air no commercials on Disney Junior.

Disney+ also won’t accept ads from rival outlets or entertainment studios.

Media buyers told Vanity Fair that they were surprised by the amount of control Disney is exerting over the ads, but also noted that it might create a scarcity for advertising on the streaming service and therefore increase demand from marketers.

Disney+ will also reportedly only run ads for an average of four minutes per hour or less. For comparison, Peacock runs up to five minutes of ads per hour. HBO Max runs approximately four ads in total per hour. Hulu, also owned by Disney, runs between 9 and 12 ads per hour, according to MediaRadar.

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