Disneyland Expected to Announce Tomorrowland Overhaul at D23 Expo 2022

We’re getting closer to the D23 Expo and closer to new announcements! The Expo is being held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California this September. One of the reported announcements for Disneyland Resort is an overhaul of Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park.

We initially reported this overhaul back in 2019 alongside the Toontown reimagining that is currently underway. According to internal sources, it was to be a multi-year, $600 million dollar re-imagining of the entire land set to be completed in 2025-6. Given that three years have passed, the original scope of the project has likely changed. It’s unknown if that budget or timeframe are still on track.


Small refurbishments have been seen across Tomorrowland in the meantime, including the refresh of the space-age style walls at the entrance. The entrance as a whole was already confirmed to receive a refurbishment, as seen in the concept art below (and also on the construction walls above).

We’ll be live covering the D23 Expo this fall, so stay tuned to WDWNT for more updates!

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