New Droid Depot Parts and Accessories Debut at Disneyland

While shopping at Disneyland’s Droid Depot for May the 4th and we found some new parts and accessories for custom built droids.

R-Series Tow Cable – $17.99

Three colors of tow cables are now available for the R-series astromech units. They attach on the back of the droid and come with a small cargo crate.

The red panel comes with a blue crate. You can put things in the crate and have the droid transport them around.

The white panel comes with a cylindrical silver crate.

And the black panel comes with a white cube crate.

The crates attach magnetically to the tow cable.

R-Series Metallic Accessory Panels – $12.99

New metallic colors of accessory panels have also arrived. We found rose gold, silver, yellow, and teal.

There’s a rose gold option.

You can also select silver metallic panels.

Gold metallic panels are another option.

Finally, the metallic panels also come in dark turquoise.

Astromech Personality Chip – $14.99


There was one new scoundrel personality chip in dark blue.


We also found three new Resistance chips in red, blue, and yellow.

The personality chip changes the droid’s personality and sounds.

The resistance logo is on the back of the resistance chips.

Have you built your own droid in the Droid Depot? Let us know in the comments.

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