New ‘Lady & the Tramp,’ ‘Peter Pan,’ Winnie the Pooh, and More Mugs at Disneyland Resort

Several new stoneware mugs featuring Disney characters are available throughout Disneyland Resort. We found the first batch including “Lady & the Tramp,” “Peter Pan,” Princess, and Chip ‘n Dale mugs at China Closet in Disneyland. We found the mugs featuring Mickey and friends and Winnie the Pooh characters at World of Disney in Downtown Disney District.

Lady & the Tramp Mug – $19.99

This mug features Tramp on one side and Lady on the other, with a string of spaghetti connecting them.

The mug has a watercolor-like background of the alleyway featured in the movie.

The plate of spaghetti with meatballs is partially visible between the dogs.

The inside of the mug and the handle are off-white. It reads “you had me at spaghetti” in purple cursive inside.

Peter Pan Mug – $14.99

This mug reads “think of the happiest things” in white lettering, with the silhouettes of the “Peter Pan” characters flying above the London skyline.

The image repeats on the other side of the mug.

It is light blue, while the silhouettes and skyline are dark blue.

Disney Princess Mug – $22.99

This mug is white. The pink, sparkly silhouettes of Aurora, Jasmine, and Belle are on one side.

Geometrical blue lines criss-cross behind them.

It includes a pink crown-shaped lid.

The other side reads “Sparkle all the time.”

Chip Mug – $14.99

These stackable Chip and Dale mugs are sold separately.

Chip (who has a small black nose) has a darker brown mug. His face, with a slightly surprised expression, is on one side. His ears stick out of the top and there are two divets at the bottom for stacking him and Dale together.

Dale Mug – $14.99

Dale has a big red nose and a smile on his face. His mug is a light brown color.

Mickey & Friends Mug – $19.99

This white mug features vintage images of Donald, Clarabelle, Pluto, Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie.

“Fun times!” is printed in red on the inside.

Winnie the Pooh Mug – $19.99

This mug is white with subtle grey speckles across it. Pooh bear is holding a red balloon on one side.

Eeyore is pictured with a yellow balloon tied around him. The characters are black and white.

Tigger has a green balloon and Piglet has a blue balloon. Leaves and bees float around them.

The interior is red.

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